New Roofing and How It Raises Your Home's Value
When thinking about improvements that raise a home's value, many people overlook new roofing. But research tells us otherwise. With a new roof, the value of your property, especially its resale value, can increase substantially.

Year after year, surveys are done to compare the impacts of different home improvements on ROI.
Many are included in the research, from bathroom remodels to replacement windows to basement finishing and so on. In terms of new roofing, home resale value is found to increase by over $12,000, and a homeowner with new roofing can expect to recover more than 63% of the installation from the hike in home value. That means when it comes to ROI, new roofing is now in front of installing a backup power generator and constructing a bathroom addition. View thisĀ 

Here are five specific reasons to install a new roof:

Higher Resale Value

As we said earlier, your home's value can increase by more than $12,000 based on the most recent cost vs. value survey.

Exceptional Facelift

With new architectural-grade asphalt shingles offering a variety of texture and color options, you'll be amazed at how much home's present aesthetic can improve. No one predicted asphalt shingles could give you the look for a rustic slate roof. With the wide variety of premium asphalt shingles today, that is very possible.

Extended Warranties

A standard asphalt shingle warranty is usually for 15 to 20 years, but with superior quality asphalt shingles available today, this can be extended to as long as 50 years. Learn about home roof repair

Insulation Technology

It may sound unbelievable, but some asphalt roof shingles have an ENERGY STAR(R) rating, particularly those that are made to reflect solar heat and control cooling costs.

Hassle-free Building Inspection

A house that has been put on the market usually has its roof as one of its most visible and prominent features. This isn't only true for potential buyers but also for inspectors and appraisers. If a roof is in a less-than-acceptable state, that can kill a home sale before it begins. That's why it's always best to install a new roof when necessary. More atĀ

Of course, a new roof installation is not a small investment, so do take time to look for a roofing contractor your can trust. Never put quality on the line, even for a huge discount. How much a new roof costs will depend on many factors, depending on your location. The idea is to talk to several contractors and ask for quotes so you can compare them and see who's right for your budget, needs and requirements.